Kim: Poorly Planned Policy

The new credit policy may deter potential students from attending Dartmouth.


Blair: Go With Gillibrand

The Senate should not have filibustered the Military Justice Improvement Act.


Struble: Required Revisions

The new sexual assault policy leaves room for improvement.


Presidential Statement: Casey Dennis


Presidential Statement: Jon Miller


Presidential Statement: Yesuto Shaw


Geller: Popularity Contest

We have an obligation to be informed about Student Assembly elections.


Hele: An Ill-Conceived Initiative

The neighborhoods initiative will not fully boost residential life.


Parajuli: A New Threat to Peace

Technological advances pose challenges to international cooperation.


Presidential Statement: Jay Graham

I am honored to be running for president of the Student Assembly. My reason for running is very simple: I believe I have the best qualifications and the greatest determination of any of the candidates to help make Dartmouth an even better experience for all those who follow us here in years to come. I know with your help we can make big strides in very important challenges and still have time and resources to fix the small but significant annoyances we all deal with on campus every day.


Presidential Statement: Sophia Pedlow