Lu: A Damning Double Standard

Questioning why women like sports is indicative of a larger issue.


Smith: The Magic of Marvel

Marvel Studios is changing the film industry with its cinematic universe.


Yang: Striking in Vain

Launching airstrikes against the Islamic State will not be effective.


Parajuli: The Issue With Inflation


Verbum Ultimum: Pledging to Change


Blair: A Broken System


Opinion Asks

We asked our staff for their thoughts on the DartmouthX initiative.


Hsu: Perfection is Poisonous

The need to be perfect damages the mental health of students.


Yuan: Even the Scales

Legacies have an unfair advantage when applying to Dartmouth.


Miller: A Pedagogical Policy Change

The College’s new AP and four-course term policies are for the better.


Park: Inclusively International