Take Back the Night calls for safe campus

“Stop the violence, stop the hate,” community members chanted at the annual Take Back the Night march on Tuesday. “Wherever we go, however we dress: no means no, and yes means yes.”


Thefts, car break-ins prompt investigations

Hanover Police and Safety and Security are currently investigating a number of thefts and car break-ins that occurred across campus over the weekend.


Shonda Rhimes ’91, ‘Scandal’ producer, to address graduates

If she had been asked to speak at Commencement a few years ago, Shonda Rhimes ’91 said, she would have declined, not believing she had enough to say. When College President Phil Hanlon flew to Los Angeles to meet with her and then called a week later to ask her to address the Class of 2014, she said, time and perspective gave her the confidence to accept.


Pan-Asian community hosts talk


Rhimes '91 to address Class of 2014


Students to debate ending Greek system


Small group provides assault policy feedback

Presenters discussed Dartmouth’s efforts to combat sexual assault at Tuesday’s “Moving Dartmouth Forward” sessions, focusing on the forthcoming Center for Community Action and Prevention and the proposed changes to the College’s disciplinary policy for sexual assault. Around 30 people attended the noon session and 11 people attended the evening session, with few students at the first event and none at the second.


Food truck sees initial success

Co-founders Eric Winn ’04 Tu’14 and Mike Parshley Tu’14 are excited that community members have embraced the student-run and student-managed venture over its first month of operation. During an average lunch shift, The Box sells around 150 to 250 meals, Parshley said.


Four students debate ending Greek system

Dartmouth’s current Greek system enables offensive behavior, students both in favor of and against the system agreed at a debate Monday night. Though the participants, Mark Andriola ’14, Aaron Colston ’14, Becca Rothfeld ’14 and Holli Weed ’14, all said the Greek system must change in the coming years, they disagreed on whether to fault the collective system or individuals within it for problems like sexual assault and binge drinking.


Hanover Co-op may see $5.3 million renovation

Pending approval by its members, the downtown Hanover location of the Co-op Food Store will begin renovations this October, adding 2,700 square feet and several new food options while improving its energy efficiency. The $5.3 million proposal requires majority approval among Co-op members who choose to vote during the approval period, which will last through April.


'Summit 2.0' sees low attendance