‘Enough is enough’: Hanlon talks social scene at summit

Over 120 community leaders gathered in Dartmouth Hall for an invitation-only summit last night to discuss ways to end harmful behavior, including sexual violence, high-risk drinking and exclusion in campus social spaces. The summit, which College President Phil Hanlon announced in a campus-wide email Wednesday afternoon, included speeches and breakout sessions for discussion and brainstorming.


Three seniors finish yearlong independent study program

This year’s senior fellows, Rena Sapon-White ’14, Aaron Colston ’14 and Miriam Kilimo ’14, are currently finishing their projects and preparing to present them publicly on May 6. Instead of taking classes, these students have spent the past year conducting in-depth research in destinations from Poland to Kenya.


Full professor gender pay gap remains Ivy League’s largest

Female full professors at Dartmouth make, on average, 82.8 percent of what their male colleagues earn, giving Dartmouth the largest gap in annual wages for full professors in the Ivy League.


Dan Fagin '85 earns Pulitzer for non-fiction


Dennis, Cunningham to lead Assembly


Sexual assault policy comment period closes


Events to raise awareness of sexual violence

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness of sexual violence and its effect on the community, will hold new and regular programming throughout next week. Movement Against Violence, formerly known as Mentors Against Violence, will facilitate student discussions about what campus sexual violence prevention could look like.


Hanlon announces summit, steering committee to reform College social issues

A summit of student leaders, faculty, administrators, trustees and alumni will meet tonight to discuss ways to mitigate high-risk and harmful behaviors, College President Phil Hanlon announced in an email Wednesday afternoon.


Theta cuts formal rush to use shake-out system

Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority will not participate in the formal recruitment process this fall, instead opting for a more casual “shake-out” process, Theta executives said in a campus-wide email Tuesday morning. They referenced lowering exclusivity and superficiality in the sorority recruitment process and making the Greek system more accessible for female students and members of minority groups as reasons for the change.


With new tactics, senior class gift campaign kicks off

Organizers of this year’s senior class gift aim to lessen socioeconomic pressure by de-emphasizing the goal of having all members of the Class of 2014 donate. The Class of 1964, which has pledged to match donations two-to-one, will donate three times the total amount raised if the Class of 2014 campaign can break $25,000 on its own. Last year, the Class of 2013 raised $24,785.


Alumnus charged with assault following Parkhurst disturbance