Coed Council members endorse new constitution

Membership of the College’s coed houses endorsed a new constitution on August 13 that would implement a robust nondiscrimination policy among member institutions and ensure full financial aid is available for all members of Coed Council bodies, in addition to establishing Amarna Undergraduate Society as an affiliate member of the Council. Debate over the constitution will resume this fall when full membership returns to campus.


Humanities 1-2 overflows with apps

Applications for the Humanities 1-2 class sequence, a program offered to incoming freshmen to fulfill the writing and first-year seminar requirement, soared this year among members of the Class of 2018. The program received 135 applications for 48 spots, while applicant pools have been closer to 75 students in past years, program administrator Wadeane Kunz wrote in an email.


Grant provides money for education study

A $340,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will allow researchers to investigate the correlation between reading performance and neurological changes from intense reading instruction in third grade students in the Lebanon school district.


College 10th in Forbes entrepreneurship ranking


Committee releases review of online findings


Sophomore advocates for concealed gun carry


Developers talk College support for software

As letters swirl around a black hole sucking bubble after bubble into an abyss, a player’s thumbs dart across the screen to form words, attempting to save as many letters as possible from what must surely be a dreadful fate.


2012 first-year survey released

More than 95 percent of students in the Class of 2016 identified getting good grades as “very important” to them upon arriving at the College, according to the 2012 New Student survey, released last week by the Office of Institutional Research.


Global conflict, disease may affect future programs

The future of two planned off-campus programs, an exchange program in Jerusalem and the African and African American studies FSP in Ghana, might be in jeopardy as global conflict and disease present a risk to Dartmouth students.


Q & A with Daniela Pelaez '16

Daniela Pelaez ’16 recently obtained permission to stay in the U.S. for another two years through the Deferred Action for Child Arrival act. She is the first undocumented immigrant granted a two-year stay and extension under this act. Paleaz became the first undocumented immigrant a two-year stay and extension under the DOCA two years ago.


Recruiting participation rises