'18 Again

Four '18s told us about their first impressions of Dartmouth in this week's Mirror.


Faculty Reflections

For decades, Dartmouth’s faculty have been invested in the wellness of their students, both inside and outside of the classroom — with the small community at the College, separating the two is almost impossible. A 32-question Mirror survey allowed faculty to reflect on the current state of the College, and the results reveal that discussions about major issues are far from finished.


Through the Looking Glass: A Great Hopportunity

When I told my parents that I had received $7,000 from Dartmouth to drive around the country drinking, researching beer and hanging out in national parks, my dad asked me if I was an alcoholic. I thought it was a joke, but as it turns out, he was really concerned.


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Through the Looking Glass


State of the College

For the surveys, we contacted 411 faculty, of whom 39 responded, and 2,827 students, of whom 284 responded. Because the sample sizes are not representative, we did not calculate statistical significance for either the faculty survey or student survey, both of which were sent via email last weekend. Take a look at what we found.


Editor's Note

As you’ll soon see, this week’s edition is a little different. If you’ve checked blitz in the past few days, you’d see the massive and semi-exhaustive survey blitzed out to students and faculty covering topics ranging from cheating to sex to marijuana legalization to satisfaction with the Greek system. It is certainly not reflective of all students on campus, but we were able to manage around a 10-percent response rate (which, as those of you who have taken stats at Dartmouth know, is pretty good for a survey with more than 50 questions.)


Fridays with Marian

Why am I writing this column? I have no clue. It’s my senior year, and I feel like I’m still a freshman. Correction: my knowledge of many Dartmouth traditions — i.e. the lyrics to our alma mater — is minimal despite my best efforts to inundate myself in our “campus culture” (i.e. Bean boots). Until I saw the giant sign, I thought the Triangle House was KD’s new physical plant.


Boots and Rallies

A little blasphemous, a little extreme, very dark and maybe a little bit true. Or completely true, at least in spirit, as I judged when I heard this for the first time. Meet circa-2004 Aaron R. Pellowski ’15, a moody adolescent equipped with a decidedly anti-other-people disposition and an ego so bloated it almost burped. I became demonically obsessed with the theory that any person even remotely in touch with the world should be petrified with disgust.


Oh, the Classes You’ll Take This 14F


Editor’s Note


Editor's Note


Editors’ Note: Freshmen Issue


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