First Times and Last Looks

This article, modeled off a similar piece from the University of Pennsylvania’s 34th Street Magazine, is about firsts and lasts and how they have impacted us for better or for worse.


Editor’s Note

The first time I wrote for The Mirror was the second week of my freshman fall in 2011. Now I find myself editing my last issue of The Mirror.


I Will Never Be The ‘Cool Girl’: Myths and Magic of People Who Do Not Exist

The Cool Girl aesthetic, popularized recently by "Gone Girl," seems to be a tool developed by those who seek to be desired by all, but threaten no one. And at a place like Dartmouth, there are a high number of Cool Girl perpetrators and enthusiasts.


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Through the Looking Glass: Making Space for Stories

I think my story may surprise some of you.




A Global Disappointment

I was worried at first that this disengagement I found with the Global Village stemmed from a personal problem. Yet the more residents I spoke with, the more I recognized the pervasiveness of the issue. I spent most of this term talking to over a dozen of the Global Village’s 153 residents, collecting ideas and opinions since I moved in.


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This week, The D's editorial directorate gets ready to say goodbye.


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Boots and Rallies