Home Sweet Home

The Dartmouth Freshman Housing Guide - 2014


Stepping Out of Hanover

When the Dartmouth Bubble starts to get a little small, the Upper Valley offers incredible views and picturesque orchards to explore.


Froshionably Late

Welcome to Dartmouth, ’18s! I hope you’re ready – college is happening, like, now. Once your fresh-faced, cheerful selves have made it through five days in the woods experiencing the magic of Dartmouth Outing Club first-year trips, you’ll actually have to go to Dartmouth. That means attending classes, meeting tons of new people, probably living with a roommate or two and generally navigating a whole new environment along with 1,000 of your peers. It’s totally okay if you don’t feel prepared.


Through the Looking Glass


Help Wanted


The Bequest Begins


Talk Darty to Me


Editor's Note


Home Sweet...Hanover?


Trending @ Dartmouth


Editor's Note


Editors’ Note: Freshmen Issue

We’re so excited that in a few short weeks, you will be coming to Dartmouth!


Views from the Other Side

Moving forward, looking back.


Ye Old Pong

Tis swillig, and the soused did glut themselves in the keel, all teeming were the basements, a freshman’s ideal. Now’s hump day’s eve, the bewitching hours of fraternities, which Peter’s keys and Anubis’s scales sink for eternity.


Not Your Average Toga Party


Find a Spot to Hunker Down


Stuff it in the Suitcase


A Major Mix-Up


A Day in the Life