Behind the Register With Kathy McTaggart

Last week, when I introduced myself to Collis employee Kathy McTaggart and asked her if she would be willing to tell me a little about herself, she blushed. She wasn’t sure if she was the right person to do an interview. Luckily for me, another Collis employee overheard our conversation, caught her eye and encouraged her to give me a chance to formally introduce her to campus.


Life Advice From Marian

Marian Lurio explains how she almost met a shirtless Shaggy, her distrust of the U.S. Census Bureau and how not to tour Europe.


UGApathy: Where Did Our Floor Go?

If no one goes to upperclassman floor meetings, why do they exist? Is the only role of upperclassman UGAs to decorate the building?


What Have We Done?




Trending @ Dartmouth


Where Are All the Dive Bars?


The Absent Assembly

When he ran for student body president last spring, Adrian Ferrari ’14 said he tried to tackle a contradiction inherent to the Assembly: How do you get students to pay attention to student government if the Assembly has virtually no power and cannot actually create visible change within our community?


The World of College Debate

With my mind full of facts about organ donation, I stepped up in front of hundreds of debaters. My opponents shot glares and waited to tear apart my days of research.


Through the Looking Glass: Finding Independence Through Solitude

Security may come from enjoying the anonymity of being just a face in a group, but I have learned that there is also security in self-confidence.


In Case You Were Wondering

In case you were wondering, the traditional American breakfast of “bacon and eggs” was a marketing ploy invented by Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) in the 1920s, aimed to increase the market share of Beech-Nut bacon.


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Residential Revolution: College Braces for Overhaul


8 Hours in West Lebanon and Lebanon