Museum draws visitors to idyllic site

The Shakers adopted confession of sin, celibacy and communal living in their search for a perfect Christian life. Their beliefs are often associated with their energetic and whirling expressions during worship — hence the name “Shakers.”


Besson's 'Lucy' loses its mind

A question and answer bookend the film: “Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?” followed by “Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it.” But along the way, it tailspins into absurdity and misanthropy, reducing mankind to an animalistic species scrambling with its head chopped off.


Burns, College enjoy fruitful bond

Over the years, Ken Burns has repeatedly visited the College, most recently screening his third episode of “The Roosevelts” at the Hopkins Center on July 13. The screening marks the fifth consecutive summer that Burns, who sits on the Hop’s board of overseers, has opened an advance screening at the College, according to a Hop press release.


Upcoming Hood Museum event will pair opera with visual art


New film course will remake sitcom, use new resources at College


‘Obvious Child’ shocks, amuses


Orozco murals, Native American art digitalized

The completion of the Dartmouth Digital Orozco website and the digitalization of the Hood Museum’s collection of Native American art are the College’s latest steps in digitalizing artwork. The website, which went online in late June, makes the Orozco murals in Baker Library available to the public, along with relevant information and other pictures, while the digitalization will make more than 4,000 pieces of Native American work accessible online following a grant earlier this year.


Frost and Dodd student play festival to show new works

The Hopkins Center stage will come alive this weekend with the works of two playwrights, Bobby Esnard '14 and Michael McDavid ’15, whose plays will debut in the annual Eleanor Frost and Ruth and Loring Dodd play festival.


‘Chef’ proves a wholesome morsel

"Chef" (2014) gets 8.0/10, and is "food porn" but also a "food love affair," worth "an order at the box office."


‘Snowpiercer,’ though moralizing, will thrill

Andrew Kingsley turns his eye to "Snowpiercer" (2013), an allegorical thriller set in 2031.


With support, recent alums see success in arts