Author of threatening online post identified

Following a police investigation, the College has identified the individual that authored a Jan. 10 threatening post on Bored at Baker and is pursuing disciplinary action through College systems. Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson announced these measures and condemned the anonymous post in a campus-wide email Friday morning.

The post, a step-by-step guide to assaulting a female member of the class of 2017, identified the student and her residence cluster.

“The recent Bored at Baker posting targeting a member of our community sharply illustrates the damage that disrespectful, irresponsible and anonymous comments in online forums can have for the person targeted and for our community as a whole,” the statement read. “While we defend the right to freedom of expression and vigorous debate on our campus, anonymous online or other personal, harassing and threatening language is not protected or defensible and has no place in any community — let alone the Dartmouth family we all hold so dear.”

The College’s eight Panhellenic Council sorority presidents also criticized the Bored at Baker post in a campus-wide email Friday morning.

In a separate statement, Johnson also announced the creation of a new center for the prevention of sexual assault and violence, which will open on July 1. Sexual assault awareness program coordinator Amanda Childress will serve as the director of the new center, which will bring together various programs aimed at combating sexual violence, including the Dartmouth Bystander Initiative.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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