'13 Guy: I can scissor with the best of them.

'15 Girl: I just need to stop at Heorot and get a jacket.

Government Professor: So he calls this "The Twilight Zone," like the TV show. Is that before your time? I've never seen it either. I have no idea what he's talking about. I've seen the movie "Twilight" though.

'14 Guy: My printing bill is equivalent to the GDP of a small African country.

'16 Guy: I feel like as child I thought I was a black woman.

'13 Girl: He's kind of an asshole. '15 Guy: That's okay, he's in Dragon.

'15 Guy: My stock portfolio is up 35 percent in the last six months...not bad for a self-taught finance genius.

'15 Guy: If she were a deceased Dartmouth dean she'd totally be Craven Laycock.

'15 Girl: If you want good overheards, you should just follow me around all day.


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