'15 Girl: I thought I was at my Freshman Formal, but I was really at a College-sponsored alumni event.

'14 Girl on the Thursday of Winter Carnival: I just want to fast foward to the part of my night where I order EBA's.

'16 Girl: I want to start a band called Dartmouth Weekend. All the songs would be about sex and drinking.

Government professor discussing the law: If you're reading Marbury up to this point, you're thinking, great! But then comes the "Legally Blonde" stuff it's the bend and snap!

'13 Girl: Sometimes I imagine living 100 years ago, so I wouldn't have to do anything.

'13 Guy: Thesis stops for no one, like Harbor.

'13: I'm pretty anti-feminist because of my ex-girlfriend.

'14 Girl: Back in Africa, when I was a hard guy...


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