'16 Girl 1: We should go talk to the prof to try and get a better grade.'16 Girl 2: Yeah, we can double team him at office hours!'16 Girl 1: I hope no one makes that an Overheard.

'15 Girl: We hooked up three times, and he unfriended me on Facebook.

'16 pointing to the 1902 room: That's the 90210 room!

'11 Girl: Sometimes, you just have to choose the best of the worst. Like when you walk into FoCo and everything looks like it's already been eaten.

'14 Guy: I once drank 16 beers for a slice of pizza. Who does that?!

'15 Girl: Bourbon tastes like high school.

'15 girl: I was really annoyed. If he was good at pong, I would have actually hooked up with him. But he wasn't.


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