'13 Girl: What the hell is Tinder? Everyone and their mom is asking about it.'14 Girl: It's like a dating app.'13 Girl: Is there a hit it and quit it app?

'15 Girl: I'm pretty sure I just pooped at the thought of eating a Hop burrito.

'16 Guy: I heard that you get some sort of cane with a snake on it at graduation if you write a thesis.

'14 Girl: Remember when we took Bailey's shots and chased them with Cheerios?'14 Girl 2: Yeah, things went downhill sophomore year.

'13 Guy: Do you think my professor will think I'm more responsible if I submit this during meetings?

English 42 TA: I watched this movie on my honeymoon and it didn't interrupt any of the normal honeymoon activities.

'14 Girl: I can't wear my fur vest on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that's when I have my animal rights class.

'13 Girl: You see, poverty is not my thing.


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