'13 Guy: A firm doesn't want to hire me because they saw pictures of me blacked out on Facebook? Well I didn't want to work for them anyway.

'16 Girl: It's so cold. I would cry, but I think my face would freeze.

'14 Girl: I hope you don't think this is weird but I love my own blood. I just had a nosebleed and it was awesome.

'14 Boy: Damn, my phone just autocorrected "life" to "KDE."

'13 Girl on Pref Night: I literally don't know anyone on this list.

Government Professor: So I just got a personal trainer. I'm trying to bulk up, you know? It's harder than it seems.

'13 Girl: I cry a lot less when I read on Kindle.

'14 Girl: I'm just going to lay naked on a bed of ice outside the Choates and whatever happens happens.


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