'14 Girl: I like people who I don't even know. I can't imagine how it would feel to like someone I did know.

'15 Girl: I really need to blitz this kid to figure things out. I hate being polygamous.

'14 Girl in the Marshall Islands: Where do you think you are, fat camp?

'13 Girl 1: Oh yeah, I'm so excited about rush. Ten weeks left, I'll definitely find a new best friend.'13 girl 2: I'm going to use rush as a dating service and ask girls what their views are on hitting it and quitting it.

'13 Girl: I've been on a lot of friend dates this term. I was just the only one who knew they were friend dates.

'14 Guy to KAF employee: Can I just open a tab?

'13 Girl: You can't build a relationship on a mutual love of basketball. once the playoffs were over we had nothing to talk about.

'16 Girl: The Rolling Stone article made SAE seem a lot cooler than it is.

'16 Girl: I don't like green vegetables but I feel like I need to eat them so I don't get scurvy.


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