Mirror Asks: If you survived the apocalypse, what celebrity would you want to survive along with you?

“Jennifer Lawrence, because we would repopulate the earth with beautiful offspring and she looks good with a bow and arrow.” Jack Boger

“Will Smith. Independence day, I am Legend and, in June, After Earth…he’s like the cockroach of post-apocalyptic cinema.” Myrel Iturrey

“Tyra Banks, because she could remind me how she powered through that one time that she lost her car keys as a 17-year-old model alone in paris, and the apocalypse is nothing compared to that.” Natalie Van Brunt

“American Treasure Jon Hamm, because he can be a hero, a villain or comic relief.” Jake Bayer

“I would want tina fey by my side in the wake of the apocalypse. just think of all the fun we’d have cracking jokes and looting the remains of abandoned malls and pizza parlors. true, we wouldn’t be able to repopulate the earth together, but there would never be a dull moment!” Mary Liza Hartong

“Tom Hanks, because he survived on a deserted island with only a volleyball as company, so hopefully he’d be pretty useful in an apocalypse too!” Lindsay Keare

“Blake lively, my one and only source into the scandalous life of manhattan’s elite. hopefully the apocalypse hasn’t made her all blake dreary though.” Iris Liu

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