'13 Girl: I mean, I'm comfortable sending my underwear to an actual laundry service, just not to Psi U.

'15 Guy: I've only considered being a Heorot. Being a Heorot is like having a Harvard degree ... You can do anything with it!

'13 Girl: It's a wizards and sluts party. I don't know which to dress up as! Moaning Myrtle?

Drunk guy reading breathalyzer: Is that my temperature?

'13 Girl: I miss freshman fall, but at least I remember people now.

'13 in KAF: I'm the Somalia of productivity right now.

'13 Girl: Wow, Ruth Simmons is leaving at the same time as Kim Jong ... I mean Jim Yong Kim.

'14 Guy: Oh, I didn't use the bathroom in high school.


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