'13 Girl entering Late Night Collis: I can't enter this place without my entire body crying out for mozz sticks.

'12 Girl not taking classes: I want to nap now, but then I won't be tired enough to nap later.

'13 Girl: His Pick-up line was, "I have a memory foam mattress." It was worth it.

'14 KDE: I just want him to see me as more than just a Derby invite.

'12 Ski Patroller: I made out in Collis Cafe once. And by made out I mean wore no pants.

'13 Girl: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize hooking up with you meant that we couldn't talk in public.

'12 Guy: Listening to Billy Joel makes me feel connected to the middle class.

'15 Guy: I came to the realization yesterday that my Neopet is dead.


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