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Let’s face it: Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” is stuck in your head 24/7 And, although you’d like to blame those oh-so-juvenile ’13s for your Disney-starlet sweet-tooth, chances are you heard the hit at Heorot. Or Alpha Chi. Or over and over at any one of the myriad galas that we high-powered Dartmouth sophisticates so enthusiastically attend in basements. Such cesspools apparently rear more than liver enzyme-deficient canines and new strains of H1N1. For better or worse, Greek organizations define the current campus music scene. For the savvy song-sensei and those of us who haven’t quite gotten over Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” or “You Belong with Me,” here’s a rundown of what’s hot in the Hanover underground.

Phi Delta Alpha fraternityCourtesy of Joseph Apathy’ 11:”We have a 300 disc CD-changer hooked up to the outside, first floor and basement speakers. Most of the discs were made by the ’05s and ’06s, but brothers can make mixes to replace broken discs and fill in remaining gaps.””Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” by The Beatles”Fool in the Rain,” by Led Zeppelin”Sympathy for the Devil,” by The Rolling Stones”Pinball Wizard,” by The Who”Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Sigma Nu fraternityCourtesy of Connor Stark ’10:”lisztomania,” by Phoenix”Pursuit of Happiness,” by Kid Cudi”Colt 45,” by Afroman”The Afterlife,” by YACHT”Yes,” by LMFAO

Sigma Delta sororityCourtesy of Lucy Pollard ’10:”In terms of what we play in our basement, any sister can make a mix, and we tend to have a real mix of ’90s/’80s throwback, current hits, anything with a good beat that people can play pong to. Our house song is [Madonna’s] “Like a Prayer.” We make sure it’s played at every party and formal … We have a “middle school” pop mix right now that is pretty popular … Basically anything but country flies. And I know this because I am a country fan and any mix I make gets snapped in half…literally.”

Alpha Delta fraternityCourtesy of Tommy Brothers ’11:”We’re on probation, so the current music is painful, painful silence.” “Pursuit of Happiness,” by Kid Cudi ft. MGMT and Ratatat”Fascination,” by La Roux”I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman,” by K-OS”Love Story (Techno Remix),” by Taylor Swift”We Run L.A.,” by Ya Boy “And then Filligar. All day, all the time.”

A second opinion from Kevin Snider ’10: “At AD, we play a playlist of the greatest hits of the Alan Parsons Project and My Humps’ on repeat.”

Chi Heorot fraternityCourtesy of Dwayne Alexis ’11:”We generally just play songs that are pretty fun to play pong to, and usually those are songs [recently released] for nights that we’re having people over. That being said, on off-nights, when guys are just hanging out, a lot of things can be heard, from country to indie rock. Reggae and Jimi Hendrix are pretty big favorites.””Party in the USA,” by Miley Cyrus”All the Above,” by Maino”Birthday Sex,” by Jeremiah”Say it Ain’t Milli,” by Girl Talk (Weezer/Lil’ Wayne)”G-Code,” by Geto Boys

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternityCourtesy of Dave Imamura ’10:”Wagon Wheel,” by Old Crow Medicine Show”Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond”Friends in Low Places,” by Garth Brooks”Baba O’Riley,” by The Who”19Something,” by Mark Wills”All the Above,” by Maino

Alpha Chi Alpha fraternityCourtesy of Colby Chiang ’10:”We Built This City,” by Starship”Thunder Road,” by Bruce Springsteen”Fortunate Son,” by CCR”Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” by Tom Petty”Party in the U.S.A.,” by Miley Cyrus

Alpha ThetaCourtesy of Reyna Ramirez ’10:”Black and Gold,” by Sam Sparro”Billie Jean,” by Michael Jackson”Empire State of Mind,” by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys”Iron Mike’s Main Man’s Last Request,” by Todd Snider”Flat Chested Girls from Maynardville,” by Bobby Bare Jr.

Kappa Delta Epsilon sororityCourtesy of Julie Wadland ’10:”There aren’t any five songs in particular played in the basement all the time, but there’s always either a (1) recent remixed song, (2) brutal but amazing blast from the past think any pop song or group from the 90’s (3) any techno, (4) something new and fresh and (5) any sister’s current song obsession, which is then played on repeat for at least a week.”

A second opinion from Allie Miller ’10: “Anything loud with a solid bass, any song that involves screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, or any lethal combination of the two … that is what KDE plays.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternityCourtesy of Andrew Purpura ’11:”Basically anyone can put their music on the computer in the basement and make a playlist. We have a few playlists that get used quite a bit, but someone always seems to have their own music on when they’re hanging out. We have a pretty wide variety of music played on any given night.””Electric Feel,” by MGMT”A milli,” by Lil Wayne”We Are Your Friends,” by Justice”Fool in the Rain,” by Led Zeppelin”Swagga like Us,” by T.I.

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