Gym Class Heroes, Wale to headline PB concert

<img alt=”Gym Class Heroes, known for the Billboard top-10 hits “Clothes Off” and “Cupid’s Chokehold,” will headline Saturday evening’s “Big Green Live” outdoor concert. ” title=”Gym Class Heroes, known for the Billboard top-10 hits “Clothes Off” and “Cupid’s Chokehold,” will headline Saturday evening’s “Big Green Live” outdoor concert. ” src=”” />

In the wake of student criticism following the Spring term concert headlined by Three 6 Mafia, Programming Board will look to experiment with the format of its Fall term concert, hosting three popular artists in a free, outdoor festival-like event. The show, “Big Green Live,” which will be held on Saturday on the Gold Coast lawn and feature artists Gym Class Heroes, Wale, and Mike Posner, marks a departure from the more traditional Programming Board shows headlined by a group performing in a limited-access venue.

“Last year a lot of people were upset about the venue of Three 6 Mafia because not everyone could get [tickets to the concert],” Programming Board Concert Chair Alex Palantoni ’11 said in an interview with The Dartmouth.

Some students told Programming Board that Alumni Hall was a cramped and relatively inaccessible venue, he said.

Palantoni said that Programming Board will solicit feedback from students following this term’s concert to determine whether the outdoor concert format should be replicated in the future.

“We’ve never done something like this before,” he said. “We’re trying to try out a new idea that some students suggested.”

“Big Green Live” seems designed to have a distinct festival feel, complete with concession stands selling hamburgers, fried dough and crepes that students can purchase while watching the bands.

Gym Class Heroes, stopping in at Dartmouth while on an all-college tour across the United States, is perhaps the biggest name playing at the event. The group was founded by Travis McCoy and Matt McGinley, who befriended each other in their high school gym class in Geneva, N.Y. They began their journey to fame performing at birthday parties, clubs and festivals a path that eventually led to recognition as 2007’s “Best New Artist” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The group, famous for its unforgettable hook in the 2004 song “Cupid’s Chokehold,” will perform tracks from their most recent album, “The Quilt” (2008), as well as numbers from “As Cruel as School Children” (2006) and “The Papercut Chronicles” (2005).

Wale, a burgeoning hip-hop artist and self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Rap for the Capital,” will visit Hanover for the second time in two years. A local sensation in his native Washington, D.C., Wale signed with Interscope Records in 2008 after a bidding war that included Epic, Atlantic and Def Jam.

Relatively unknown at the time of his first visit to Dartmouth, Wale broke into the mainstream this summer with the hit single “Chillin,” which features Lady Gaga singing the hook “Lookin’ at, lookin’ at, lookin’ at me/Eyes all stickin’ like honey on bees.”

“Chillin” has received major radio play and peaked at 99 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

At this year’s VMAs made famous by Kanye West’s now oft-parodied antics Wale collaborated with the group UCB to serve as the official house band, performing between award presentations, before and after commercial breaks and with various musical guests.

Wale told event organizers that he enjoyed his first trip to the College and is excited to return to campus, Palantoni said, as he tours colleges to promote the release of his first full-length album “Attention Deficit,” which will hit shelves on Nov. 3. Wale is slated to set off on a national tour with Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco following that release.

As he returns to campus, Wale will also bring with him one of his proteges Mike Posner, a senior at Duke University who often tours with the rapper and was recently signed to J Records. Posner has also collaborated with other big names acts including Kid Cudi, Big Chain, One Be Lo and 3o3H!.

Posner started his music career in fifth grade, when he picked up the drums. A few years later, at age 15, he started making beats and producing for other people. He released his first mixtape, “A Matter of Time,” in February of this year and has since been touring on weekends and working on his second mixtape.

“Big Green Live” will start at 6 p.m. and is scheduled to run until 10 p.m.

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