’10 Tridelt (while painting a pong paddle): Boys think we’re really cute for doing this.

’10 Kappa: Oh my god I’m lactating!

’10 Transfer student: Please don’t lactate on me.

Tri-Kap ’10 to high school girl in basement: Yo, sorry you have to leave, we can’t let high school people in.

Girl, as she throws a beer in the guys face: I AM A GROWN ASS BITCH

Tri-Kap, as he escorts her out: Too bad, we don’t let grown ass bitches in either.

’10 girl #1: Did you see that foco poster? They’re giving out free condoms, dental dams and bj’s.

’10 girl #2: What?!!

’10 girl #1: Oh, i meant ben and jerry’s.

Girl 1: my new criteria for hookups is definitely air conditioning.

Girl 2: what’s your pickup line? “Can I see your unit?”

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