Donation funds Tuck technology discussions

Glenn Britt ’71 Tu’72 pledged to donate $150,000 over the next three years to the Tuck School of Business to start up the Britt Technology Impact Series, a program that will allow important figures in a variety of professions to educate students and faculty about cutting-edge technology.

“Scientists and engineers are constantly inventing new technologies,” Britt, CEO of Time Warner Cable, said in a statement. “The role of business people is to understand the possibilities created by new technologies, recognize unmet consumer or business needs they could fulfill, and determine if the new technology and the customer needs can be put together in a business model that makes sense.”

The Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck is using Britt’s funding to organize the series, which will focus on one theme every year and will include panels and seminars in addition to bringing speakers to Tuck. The Center will expand on programs that Tuck is already providing for students and faculty, such as the annual Tech@Tuck event and the newer Tech@Tuck Speaker series that brings lecturers to Tuck throughout the academic year, according to Hans Brechbuhl, the Center’s executive director.

“It is really an umbrella over a number of things that we already do,” Brechbuhl said. “The big thing is that this program will be bringing the top business folks to Tuck as a resource, will offer us the resources to expand these current programs, give them a coherent theme.”

The Center intends to begin the series at the start of the next academic year, according to Brechbuhl, and the first theme will center on visual media.

“Next year the series will be examining the impact of video, in all its forms and applications, on business, on consumers, industries, media and energy.” Brechbhl said. “So think everything from user-generated video — like YouTube — to digital TV, which is going to be very important in the coming years.”

Within visual media, one part of the series will focus on video conferencing.

“It is really quite amazing what is out there right now,” Brechbuhl said. “For the first time, real video conferencing exists in a life-sized version.”

The program will also document the major events it hosts each year to create annual projects about the year’s technological theme.

“At the end of the academic year the series will document what it has done in a multimedia way, so that we can put together a coffee-table brochure of the year together with a DVD of the most interesting features,” Brechbhl said.

The series would not be possible were it not for Britt’s donation, according to Brechbuhl.

“Overall we’re really grateful to Glenn for the opportunity to do this and excited that initial theme fits the theme of the industry he is in so well,” Brechbuhl said.

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