Discrimination Against Beta

To the Editor:

Seems like nothing has changed at my alma mater. Like my country, the U.S.A., Dartmouth always has me battling to endure the love-hate relationship that comes with the territory. As a frustrated supporter of Dartmouth, and higher education in general, I cringe at the recent article regarding the reinstatement of Beta (“Beta’s Return Seen As a Sign of Gender Issues,” Jan. 14).

At a time when many classes of Beta graduates rejoice, the college newspaper sends a ridiculous message about a fraternity of brothers that has had no home to return to when they come back to the College they love.

I can remember back in 1990 when Jake Tapper had his cartoon in your paper portraying the football team as a bunch of monkeys celebrating their Ivy League title victory.

Seems like the same certain groups that were safe to discriminate against then are still fair target today.

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