Boloco is a beacon of transparency, not deception

To the Editor:

I believe Boloco has been anything but dark and deceitful (“Boloco is unhealthy for you,” May 30). In fact, because of their being the opposite of that characterization, Boloco is one of the few restaurants at which I can still eat. I’ll explain.

I learned in November of last year that, for my health, I now must carefully track what I eat; I must have that nutritional information before I can decide to eat at a restaurant or not. Most places it’s so hard to get it — assuming they even have it — that I usually don’t even bother going out to eat. If I must for a social or business meeting, I eat only off the salad bar. When they don’t have one, it’s water for me. Boloco is one of the very few places in the Upper Valley I feel comfortable eating — any burrito is bad for me personally, but at least at Boloco, I know what’s in them and adjust the rest of my daily eating to compensate.

So, Boloco posting nutritional information has a direct, positive effect on my lifestyle and I’m grateful they do it.

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