Editor’s Note

Homecoming weekend arrived more quickly than we could have thought. In no time, the first weeks of class passed by, Greek rush hit and we barely had time to blink before Homecoming fell upon us. It’s here now, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate some of Dartmouth’s oldest traditions.

This weekend cements the Class of 2010 into our Dartmouth community. We look forward to watching them run, fall and crawl around the fire like we did so gracefully last year. Looking back, we regret not taking advantage of everything the weekend had to offer. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Homecoming than just the Rage.

It’s about bonding with our friends, swapping stories with alums and snapping photos that we’ll look back upon with smiles.

Take a break from Friday classes, put off your work ’til Monday. It’s getting cold outside, stay warm–keep dancing! Because we will.

A special thanks to the relentless aid of our dedicated staff writers and news editors who helped this issue survive.

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