Swimming and diving community needs a long-term vision

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article on the appointment of a new women’s swim coach (“Jerry Foley takes over as women’s swimming head coach,” June 29) and for focusing needed attention on Dartmouth swimming and diving. As a diving parent, I wish Coach Foley all the best.

That said, it is important to emphasize that a root cause of the challenges “Big Green” aquatics have faced was, and is, lack of proactive administrative and admissions office support. It takes extra effort to rejuvenate a program that was briefly terminated a few years ago. The time is also approaching for college leadership to communicate to the community what its long-term vision for Dartmouth swimming and diving is. We are almost halfway through the 10-year program purgatory the administration imposed. Soon prospects will be asking about the future. There needs to be a permanent and affirmative response now, or we will again have to endure the kind of recruiting damage that has dogged the program since 2002-03. You might ask the president and athletic director, when you see them, what their plans are for swimming and diving.

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