OAC gives Bones Gate three weeks’ probation

Bones Gate fraternity was slapped with three weeks of “full social restrictions” at an Organizational Adjudication Committee hearing last Thursday after the house was found to have hosted an unregistered social event early this month.

The ruling was the fourth the term-old OAC has made. All four have dealt at least in part with unregistered social events.

Bones Gate president Robin LeGros ’03 refused to comment.

The rules governing the severity of alcohol policy violations are currently up for review, though the regulations have been revised within the last five years, according to Marcia Kelly, the director of the Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office.

However, she does not see this as relevant to the current decisions of the OAC.

“We go with what’s in the handbook,” she said. “The fact that the policies may be up for review is completely separate from the current policies being enforced.”

The incident was brought to the OAC after Safety and Security reported an unregistered social event while responding to a fire alarm late on Jan. 5, a Saturday evening.

Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office Assistant Director April Thompson noted that the OAC had not had enough hearings to gauge whether Bones Gate’s sentence would be typical.

Kelly would not comment on the details of the closed-door hearings, but did note that the sanctions organizations received in hearings like Bones Gate’s would always depend on factors like previous violations the organization had committed and the number of people at a social event.

“When organizations come before a committee, no two are alike,” she said.

The social restrictions ban Bones Gate from having alcohol in common areas or hosting social events with alcohol.

The OAC also recommended that the organization arrange for educational programs in conjunction with ORL.

The OAC was formed to address allegations of violations of the code of conduct by all organizations. Previously, violations were dealt with internally by the various departments responsible.

Hearings involving Greek houses were formerly under the jurisdiction of the Office of Residential Life and were heard by the Coed Fraternity Sorority Judicial Committee.

In a previous OAC decision, Alpha Delta fraternity was found not responsible for having an unregistered social gathering in October of last year following an event in nearby Leede Arena. Gamma Delta Chi fraternity acknowledged responsibility for having an unregistered social gathering in October and was sanctioned until the end of Fall term three weeks later.

Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity successfully disputed charges of serving a minor alcohol but acknowledged responsibility for having an unregistered gathering and was sanctioned for 13 weeks.

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