Response to Ignorance

To the Editor:

I was prepared to write a long editorial on why I disagreed with Matt Soriano’s op-ed piece entitled “Liberty & Responsibility” (Tuesday, February 20th). Though I don’t pretend to have all of the facts to make remarks on his statements about IBM’s German subsidiary and Smith and Wesson, I was perturbed (to say the least) by his comments about the “Feminist Majority” and the National Reparations Convention. How dare he call their objections “imaginary or perceived,” and how dare he compare them to his fall on the Skiway.

But, I realized I should save my breath when he stated, “…discrimination happened centuries ago and there has been 30 years of civil rights — plenty of time for all Americans to achieve the goals they would have wanted as individuals.” I encourage Mr. Soriano to go out and get educated on the subject of discrimination and see how it’s affecting many Americans who strive to achieve their desired goals. Hopefully, he will then realize how naive his statement was.

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