Johnson ’01 named new IFC president

Micheal Johnson ’01 of Alpha Delta fraternity won an uncontested race for president of the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee last night.

The presidential slot was not the only uncontested office, as several other candidates also ran unopposed.

Six other offices were also decided, including Daniel Granik ’01 of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity being elected Vice President.

Johnson hopes to call a special meeting of the IFC this weekend to attempt to prepare an official response to the recent report of the steering committee. Since each house has its own opinions and concerns, the response will concentrate on three or four main points of the report, he said.

Although no official response has been prepared, he feels that “more understanding and compromise” is necessary and that the “fraternity system is a valuable institution.”

He also feels that there are a wide range of changes in the steering committee’s recommendations report, with some good points but also some “unsettling topics.”

Also elected was Ed Bialas ’01 of AD, as treasurer. Eric Powers ’02 of Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity will serve as acting treasurer until Bialas, who is off this term, returns in the spring. Sean Heikkila ’02 of Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity was elected secretary, Andrew Hay ’01 of Zeta Psi fraternity was elected Programming chair, and Andy Fishman ’02 of Tri-Kap was elected Rush chair. Zete brother Isaac Edson ’01 will serve as the alternate to the Judiciary committee.

Each officer serves for one year although separate elections will be held for the Summer term as in the past.

The IFC is a collaborating body for all fraternities. Its weekly meetings are attended by the presidents of all the houses or an appointed representative.

The steering committee is officially known as the Committee on the Student Life Initiative.

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