Careers: Expose Yourself to All the Options

To the Editor:

Hats off to Stefan Lanfer ’97 for his piece “Corporate Recruiting and the Future: Don’t be Afraid to Dream.” [Jan. 24, 1997, The Dartmouth.]

I read his words while in Hanover looking for those seniors he describes as “uncommon people, set apart to achieve wonderful, uncommon things.” I hope to hire a few to start their Life After Dartmouth with my company.

We go to great pains to find folks who will do exactly as Lanfer wishes: that they ask of themselves, “What do I want to do? … Where is my heart leading me” — and end up believing that my company is a good answer.

For those of you awaiting the irony here, sorry to disappoint you. For the 12 years I have been recruiting at Dartmouth, I’ve pushed one theme to all who have attended our information sessions: expose yourself to all the options … not just the corporate options, but all the options … and go where your heart leads you. Teach school? Train for the Olympics? Flip burgers while you sort out the meaning of life? All wonderful options — wonderful for you.

Not ready for the business world? Guess what, the business world will wait for you, if you live your life to all its potential between now and then.

On the other hand, if you really do want to go into business now, that’s terrific too. We need the folks who will do those things that will let them get up at their 20th and speak with pride about how they’ve, in Lanfer’s words, “shaken the world.”

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