Web action: entertainment news is only a click away

For eager students looking to catch up on entertainment news buzz or looking to find out what happened in last week’s episode of “Seinfeld,” the Internet may be the answer they are looking for. A simple click of the mouse can bring you information from the host of entertainment-oriented web sites on the Internet.

Sites vary in content from popular television shows, individual celebrities, movies, music and purely frivolous online entertainment.

The most impressive and comprehensive television web sites are dedicated to NBC’s “Must See TV” sit-coms “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “ER” and Fox Television’s “The X-Files.”

SEINFELDnet (http://www.crocker.com/~seinfeld/index2.html) is an image-saturated site that plays the music from the show while you explore it. It includes a complete episode guide, as well as listings for all the re-runs that will appear this week and a preview of the new episode.

SEINFELDnet includes photographs of the cast members, quotes and sounds from previous shows and a “customer service” feature which allows you to order tapes of past “Seinfeld” episodes.

PePsImAx’s Tribute to “Friends” site (http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/3417) includes photos, cast gossip, downloadable screensavers and sounds, the theme song, past script, and even a drinking game to play while watching the show. The site has tons of eye-catching graphics and interesting facts about the cast.

Adam’s ER Page (http://www.byu.edu/~abarth/ernew.html) is superior to any other ER web site. The site includes summaries of the previous week’s episode and a preview of the next episode. Additionally, it includes sounds, cast member biographies, quick-time movies and photographs, as well as an episode guide to all past episodes and links to other ER sites.

“The X-Files” boasts 131,184 web sites — by far the most sites of any other television show. One of the best sites is http://www.neosoft.com/sbanks/xfiles/xfiles.html, which includes photographs of the show’s stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, links to the FBI, CIA, and IRS home pages, and quick-time movies of clips from previous shows. The site is designed to look eerie, which perfectly corresponds to the feel of the show.

If a humorous diversion is what you seek, check out Mr. Showbiz’s Plastic Surgery section (http://www.mrshowbiz.com/features/games/surgery). The site includes a program which allows you to construct new celebrities from the features of “Friends” and “Seinfeld” cast members. Also included is a “cookbook” that gives recipies for celebrities from the other actors and actresses.

For example, the recipe for British pop star George Michael combines the face of Jennifer Aniston, the eyes of Courtney Cox, the mouth of David Schwimmer and the nose of Matt LeBlanc. With the click of a button, this conglomeration of famous features is combined into a being which actually looks similar to Michael. This is site is a must-see — it is not only hillarious, but concocting new celebrities provides a great new way to procrastinate.

Web sites devoted to individual celebrities abound on the Internet. Some celebrities have numerous sites dedicated to them, such as Jenny McCarthy and Brad Pitt.

Bernie’s McCarthy web site is surprisingly tame compared to other sites dedicated to her. Instead, the site includes several (clothed) photographs of McCarthy, facts about her life and career and links to other sites. This site represents the middle ground between dry, informational pages such as MTV’s McCarthy site and the numerous racier pages by Playboy and the like.

One of the best Brad Pitt sites can be found at http://www.eis.or.jp/muse/junko003/new.html. This site includes photographs of Brad, a photograph of him and girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, information on his upcoming projects and a complete filmography. However, if you are primarily interested in downloading photographs of him, go to http://pages.nyu.edu/~nqr1042/bp.html for an extensive collection of images.

To find more information about Pitt, other actors, actresses and movies check out The All-Movie Guide at http://ALLMOVIE.com/amg/movie_root.html. This site allows you type in the name of a movie and find its review, cast list, rating, year of release, director, plot synopsis and lists of movies with the same personnel and of the same theme. At the bottom of the page, it asks for all visitors who are very familiar with the selected movie to fill out a review sheet for it so that the site’s information may be improved. You can also search by celebrity and find a list of all his or her previous films and a short biography.

The All-Music Guide (http://ALLMOVIE.com/amg/music_root.html) is a link from The All-Movie Guide. The site is set up in a manner very similar to that of the movie site. You can search by album or artist to find reviews and biographical information, as well as information about new releases, music essays and reissues.

The Internet abounds in entertainment-oriented sites — the previously mentioned sites are merely a miniscule sampling. Other sites focused on entertainment can be found by using search engines such as Web Crawler (http://www.webcrawler.com) and Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com).

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