Clinton addresses Keene crowd

KEENE, Feb. 17 — Sixty-two Dartmouth students joined about 10,000 people who braved the cold to stand outside and listen to President Bill Clinton campaign here today.Chris Swift ’98, the Clinton-Gore campaign coordinator at Dartmouth, said one news organization described the speech as “the largest crowd ever assembled for any primary event in New Hampshire.”

The President told the audience he is committed to improving the lives of the younger generation.

“There are a lot of young people in audience,” he said. I promise you “an era of greater prosperity to live out your own dreams.”

He said the best way to accomplish this is to make college education available to everyone.

“We have an obligation to open the doors of college education to everyone who wants to go,” he said. Clinton also said he would consider a tax cut which included deductions for the cost of college education.

Clinton said that since he assumed the presidency, the deficit has been cut in half, eight million jobs have been created and violence on television, the crime rate and the teen pregnancy rate have all declined.

“America is on the move,” he said.

Clinton spoke of the important role New Hampshire voters played in his 1992 victory.

“New Hampshire gave me the chance to be president,” he said. “You taught me a lot about this country.”

He said in 1992 he made 75 campaign stops in New Hampshire and that he had his first inkling of victory in Keene because of the unexpected support he received here.

Linda Fisk, a resident of Keene, said she enjoyed the speech.

“I thought the speech was very positive considering what I have heard from the Republicans,” she said.

Chad Trexler ’98 said he found waiting for Clinton to speak more enjoyable than listening to the speech.

Both to amuse themselves and keep warm, members of the audience of every age danced and sang to music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2 which was provided by Music Television’s Rock the Vote Bus which was parked at the event.

Dartmouth students received tickets which allowed them to stand in the area closest to the President.

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