Glover ’98 arrested

Hanover Police arrested Jonathan Glover ’98 Thursday afternoon and charged him with resisting arrest and unlawful possession of alcohol.

Glover’s charges stem from a May 4 incident when he and three other male students allegedly attempted to steal a bicycle. A Hanover Police press release said a College watchman saw the students going through a bike rack outside of Lord Hall and later saw one student get on a bicycle and ride away.

Hanover Police Officers David Luther and Gerald Macy were only able to apprehend Jonathan Glover ’98, according to a release.

“Glover was intoxicated and attempted to run from the police officers attempting to stop him,” the release stated.

Hanover Police originally charged Glover with the theft of the bike, but he was later charged with resisting arrest and unlawful possession of alcohol.

Glover was released on summons, and will appear in Hanover District Court of May 24.

The identity of the other three students is still under investigation. Glover, Luther and Macy could not be reached for comment.

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