Gottlieb ’95 awarded

Dartmouth senior Owen Gottlieb has become a familiar face in U. Magazine, a colorful national magazine that is freely-distributed every month on college campuses across the country.

After appearing in a profile in last month’s issue, Owen’s name appeared again. This time as a recipient of one of the magazine’s 12 $1,000 scholarships offered to “outstanding undergraduate students in a variety of fields.”

Gottlieb was one of two students who were awarded scholarships in the field of communications, sponsored by Warner Brothers.

A film studies major and director of the Dartmouth Film Society, Gottlieb said the money will help subsidize the completion of his senior honors film. Gottlieb wrote the budget for his project two terms ago but said he has encountered many unexpected expenses.

His project, a 16-millimeter synchronized sound color film, is fictional but is based on research he conducted with Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature Diana Taylor about the “Dirty War” — the period from 1976 to 1983 in Argentina when a military regime kidnapped and killed approximately 30,000 people.

In order to apply for the scholarship, Gottlieb submitted a transcript as well as a statement explaining what he has worked on in the communications field.

“It was similar to applying to college or [graduate] school,” he said.

Gottlieb’s interests in film are broad, ranging from fiction to feature to abstract videos, he said, adding that he finds documentary work “very exciting.”

Among his varied projects, he has produced a full screenplay in an eight-week period and curates this term’s film series, “Switching Reals.”

“Film allows for a very interdisciplinary study … It brings together many different art forms all into one synthesis,” Gottlieb said, citing his academic paper on Japanese theatrical tradition that was published in Gnosis, an anthology of essays and papers written by College students.

He plans to decide what area of film he would like to go into when he leaves school, but for now, “I’m keeping my options open,” he said.

Recently, Gottlieb led the College production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“That was a blast — you could have seen the dark side of my personality that night,” Gottlieb said.

This is not Gottlieb’s first appearance in U. Magazine. Gottlieb’s extensive use of the Internet databases to research films, as well as his use of BlitzMail in making his latest film, caught the attention of a writer for U. Magazine at Cornell University. He was featured in the September issue in an article on students who are using technology to distribute “their own forms of infotainment.”

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