Image, Infighting and Student Government Progress

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Tim Young’s column in the Oct. 17th issue concerning the Student Assembly (“Assembly Critics Wrong…”)

Young states,”The inevitable media war has already started and will go on nonstop throughout the campaign.” This is ridiculous and implies the Assembly is going to be a circus.

When published columns and letters advance viewpoints in a manner that disparages the Assembly in a public forum, members relegate the needs of students below political agendas. To have any respectability on this campus, we must focus on tangible student issues and stop the public infighting.

The Assembly has been working diligently on numerous projects — from dining services reform to gender issues to the Greek system, the Assembly has been working much more productively than in years past. Furthermore, Danielle Moore ’95 and Rukmini Sichitiu ’95, the Assembly’s president and vice president need to be congratulated for their hard work in bringing social issues to the forefront of the Assembly’s agenda.

I know that amidst the public bickering, it must be hard for some students to believe, but the Assembly has a neccessary and beneficial role on this campus.

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