Aid includes free tickets

Students receiving financial aid can obtain free tickets to several events at the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts this term, but only a limited number of tickets are available.

The free tickets are made possible by a $1,000 donation from the Class of 1951, working in cooperation with the Hop and the Financial Aid Office.

The idea stemmed from a long history of class projects implemented by the Class of ’51, including a variety of cultural activities since 1987.

In previous years, the Class of ’51 has given football tickets to employees of Dartmouth Dining Services and custodial staff and hosted them at evening programs in the Hop.

“The Class of ’51 approached us with the idea and many students have already received tickets,” said Kenneth Jefferies ’94, the Hop’s promotion and marketing coordinator.

Students can pick up an application in the Financial Aid Office, pick four events from a list of 10 and return the form to the Hopkins Center Box Office.

“Tickets are limited and we are about 75-80 percent sold out of what we have set aside to do,” Jeffries said.

The events include the Barbary Coast, the World Music Percussion Ensemble, and seven other student-led performances, including last weekend’s Fall Fling.

“The theme of our class has always been to the nurture the relationship between the College, the community, and our class,” said Class Representative Bob Hustek. “Since 1987 we have tried to sustain this theme by developing projects which would broaden the horizons of current students and staff in some creative way.”

Hustek said the program gives the student groups recognition and it provides other students the opportunity to broaden their intellectual and musical horizons.

Hustek said he hopes to expand the program next year by increasing the funding.

After attending this year’s homecoming football game he half-jokingly said he hopes the Class of ’51 could someday provide free football tickets to all the freshmen so they could rush the field.

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