March takes back the night

More than 70 women and a handful of men participated in the fifth annual Take Back the Night March.

Marchers chanted slogans like “Women unite, Take back the night” as they weaved their way from Parkhurst Administration building, past Mass Row, down Webster Avenue to the Women’s Resource Center by the Choates.

At the head of the procession, Yun Chung ’97 carried a wreath covered in blue, green, purple and red ribbons – which signify support for the victims of sexual assault – added by people throughout Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

“We simultaneously acknowledge and reject the extreme social cost that sexual assault has for Dartmouth and the society at large,” Reini Jensen ’94 read from the march’s statement of purpose.

Yesterday’s march appeared more peaceful than in the past. Missing were the posters, the tears and the yelling that have characterized marches in the past.

“We’ve had marches before that were really, really difficult and people left feeling angry and it wasn’t a healing time,” Jensen said.

Jensen, the intern to the Sexual Abuse Program, helped organize the weeks’ events. She said this year’s march focused on dealing with the issue of sexual assault constructively.

Freshmen Class President Pamela Saunders participated in the march and sang with the Rockapellas.

“I felt it was really powerful,” Saunders said. “I felt that everyone got louder as all the fraternity brothers came to the window.”

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