Panel addresses education

A panel that included two Dartmouth graduates discussed educational equity, activism and Generation X as part of the Senior Symposium yesterday afternoon in the Collis Common Ground.

The panel, which was attended by more than 70 people, included Crystal Crawford ’87, a lawyer and College counselor; Daniel Porter, Teach for America president; John Ritchie ’71, a high school principal; Sergio Quesada, University of Queretaro anthropology professor; and Robert Binswanger, acting education department chair.

Porter said many young people feel disempowered. “We’ve successfully numbed their minds with this generation slacker image,” he said.

Binswanger, who urged students to become involved, said, “Our educational system has taught you not to take risks.”

Crawford encouraged students to define themselves and resist the tendency of people to “put you in these little boxes.” .

Ritchie blamed students’ concept of success and intelligence as a cause of inequity. “One of the great barriers to any kind of equity,” is our view of what we think success is,” he said.

Porter argued for more equity in education.

Binswanger said, “All students aren’t equal … but the opportunity is very important.”

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