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Strauss Gallery exhibition features visiting faculty

The first of two visiting faculty exhibitions — which together will feature works by the 14 visiting professors that have taught at the College since the opening of the Black Family Visual Arts Center — opened in the Strauss Gallery on Sept. 22nd, director of exhibitions and studio art professor Gerald Auten said. It features the work of professors Sarah Amos, Paul Bowen, Ariel Freiberg, Hein Koh, Julie Puttgen, Edward del Rosario and Jessica Tam.

The Mirror

Jessica Avitabile/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Behind the façade: Helping, hurting and healing

A cursory glance around any area on campus — Baker Lobby, Collis’s pasta line, the Green -— will reveal an idyllic, picturesque scene. Smiling, chatty students eagerly discuss weekend plans and love life drama or offhandedly joke about how unprepared they are for an upcoming midterm, but deeper anxieties or troubles are rarely revealed. You may never know that the put-together, confident girl describing her busy social calendar over King Arthur Flower had trouble getting out of bed this morning.