College announces stricter sanctions under new alcohol policy

The College has clarified and expanded the disciplinary action for violations of the alcohol policies announced by College President Phil Hanlon in late January as part of his “Moving Dartmouth Forward” initiative. Punishments for hard alcohol violations will include college probation and suspension for first- and second-time offenders, respectively.


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Women’s hockey ends season with loss

The women’s ice hockey team fell to No. 1 seed Clarkson University in the quarterfinals of the ECAC tournament this past weekend. The No. 8 seed Big Green lost the first two games against the Golden Knights by a score differential of 10-1 in the best-of-three round.

Women’s basketball picks up pair of Ivy League wins

For all of the peaks and valleys the women’s basketball team has endured this season, this past weekend’s games carried extra meaning. Not only was it a chance to properly send off the senior class in its final two home games and get back to the .500 win percentage mark for the year, but it also provided an opportunity for a step in a positive direction in the program’s second year under head coach Belle Koclanes. In unequivocally dominant fashion, the Big Green did just that, trouncing Columbia University 60-50 on Friday night and Cornell University 54-35 less than 24 hours later.

One-on-One with Jacqueline Crawford ’17

This week, I sat down with Jacqueline Crawford ’17 of the women’s tennis team. The team recently jumped to No. 22 in the national rankings after winning the ECAC Championship for the first time in program history. This past weekend, the Big Green women defeated the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 4-3.


“Voices” will explore female experience at the College

Now a year after its conception, “Voices,” an original student production created during last February’s V-Week, will return to the College today and Wednesday. “Voices,” which is directed, produced, written and performed entirely by self-identifying women, will give women a chance to share stories that range from sexuality to body image to sex education.

The Mirror

Bodies, Reimagined

It is no secret that we are not always taught to love our bodies. Bombarded by the images of mass media, from magazine covers to children’s dolls, we often idolize a peculiar notion of beauty that elevates a figure that is slim — but not too slim — above all else.

An “F” Word, But Not a Curse

While many students may identify as feminists, there is certainly a discrepancy in how students define the term. This disparity is not limited to students at the College, however, as even within the feminist movement and feminist academic circles, the word seems to cover a broad spectrum of beliefs and ideas.