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Student Spotlight: Hood intern Laura Dorn ’15

From the moment she received a mini art set from her grandmother for her sixth birthday, Laura Dorn ’15 knew that she loved art. After beginning lessons, she realized that she was the most taken with painting. But then the real world came along and told her that being an artist was not particularly practical. She needed to be more sensible. By the time Dorn arrived at Dartmouth, she planned on pursuing a major that would help her land a job after graduation.

Beyond the Bubble: Are Selfies Art?

Considering the selfie to be photography may seem laughable, but perhaps it is a logical extension of self-portraiture in the digital age. Is the millennial generation, as many have argued, self-absorbed, or are youths these days following the tradition of showing themselves through images?

Film society honors filmmaker Sissalo

The Dartmouth Film Society will present North African Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako with a Dartmouth Film Award today and, in tribute, screen a showing of his newest movie “Timbuktu” (2014). The film tells the story of a family whose lives are disrupted by the appearance of militant Islamists.

The Mirror

The Graveyard Shift

’Twas the very witching hour of night, when churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes contagion into the world. No, we are not Prince Hamlet, but his words (and some gentle nudging from our editors) drove us into the Dartmouth College Cemetery like Young Goodman Browns to witness the debauchery of students in this labyrinth of death.

Fame in a Small Town

Most of us enjoy at least some privacy at the College. We are not tied to a name, a past or a YouTube video. Others don’t have that freedom. It is difficult to have privacy when people associate ideas with your name.